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Beware of this place..My partner and I went in to purchase a $99 coffee table that retailed for $299. This was supposed to be a "Floor model" sale.

Meaning that the merchandise would be available for immediate purchase. The ad was clearly placed on the coffee table when we went in. We loved it and asked the salesman if we could buy it now. We were told that the one we were looking at was for sale at $299 and if we wanted the $99 one, he would have to order it but the one we would purchase would be of lesser quality.

When we asked him to explain why we could not have the high quality one of $299 for the advertised price of $99 he said,"This one is a Cadillac. For $99 you will receive a Chevy!" We spoke to the manager and she said the same thing and became hostile with us when we told her they were false advertising. We told her how displeased we were and instead of making a sale and honoring the advertised price, she told us to make calls or do whatever we wanted but we could not have the coffee table we wanted for $99. We left without buy a thing..We will NEVER shop here again.

This is clearly a terrible case of "bait and switch". They are very dishonest and cannot be trusted to honor ad prices!!!

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